Sigma Elite

Sigma Elite


The Pi Sigma Elite System is a data acquisition and electronic control system designed around modular components which have common mechanical and electrical connections. Pi Sigma Elite System units connect and communicate using a dual-redundant on-car network.

The Pi Sigma Elite has the following features:

  • 128MB Flash logging memory
  • One Logger card
  • One Application Card
  • Five Selectronic Input/Output (I/O) cards, giving 40 analog input channels
  • Eight digital channels, (four channels are input only and four channels can be input or output)
  • Dual redundant PiNet network ports to connect to other units in the System
  • 100MB 100BaseT Ethernet download port
  • Serial ports (RS422 and RS232)
  • Switches to CAN port
  • Customter configurable CAN port
  • Dual redundant battery supply
  • Three accelerometers (longitudinal, vertical and lateral)

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