Auto Verdi - KMS Dry Sump Kits

Auto Verdi - KMS Dry Sump Kits

Auto Verdi - KMS Dry Sump Kits

Together with Auto Verdi we can create dry sump kits for all of our high performance race engines.

Auto Verdi Pumps are the best pumps for our applications as we pursue the highest level as possible with our products.


Aircraft Alloy

Housings and scavenge rotors are made out of a very rigid high quality aircraft aluminum alloy. The material allows for a very tight machining tolerances without distortion under maximum loads.
The aluminum parts are anodized before PTFE-coating to make for better adhesion.


Pressure gears are made out of the same quality steel as transmission gears. They are very hard and precision ground to withstand long cycle periods. A Balanit C coating is also applied for minimum friction.
Auto Verdi oil pumps have been proven in NASCAR to stand many 500-mile races without rebuilds. The rigid construction of our oil pumps makes them very durable in any kind of racing.

Coated rotors

Special order carbon fiber rotors are available and all aluminum rotors are PTFE-teflon ® coated for best efficiency as well as long life.