Omega Intelligent Colour Display (ICD)

Omega Intelligent Colour Display (ICD)


Building on the success of the cost effective, dual colour, backlit Omega D4 LCD display which has proven globally successful across multiple series, Cosworth is excited to add to its product portfolio the new Intelligent Colour Display (ICD), a brand new high performance, configurable, full colour 6.2" TFT display integrating a fully featured Omega data logger and control platform with a powerful dual core 1GHz microprocessor and integrated graphics processor.

Built on Cosworth's flagship Sigma Operating System and integrating a dedicated graphic processor and the latest Omega architecture, this is a powerful full colour display, logger and control solution all in one enabling users in all series to benefit from usable, advanced logging and control capabilities.

The ICD features super bright, configurable tri-colour LED arrays - multi-purpose and fully configurable for use as alarms, shift lights, driver aids etc. together with an in-built LDR for auto LED and screen brightness control.

The ICD can be integrated as a central part of a vehicle system. The unit provides plenty of flexible and configurable features such as an in-built Ethernet hub, support of 12V or 24V systems, programmable excitations, a LIN port and multiple serial and CAN ports, up to 20 analogue channels, 10 switch inputs and 6 digital inputs.

The 5 port Ethernet hub provides for improved on car systems connectivity - devices can be daisy chained and connected to with a single on-car connection point - further simplifying looms.

Cosworth's proven driver aid 'QMode' (Qualifying Mode) is available in mutiple forms. An auto learn feature automatically generates a set number of split points, 'Semi-Auto' allows the user load a .pds dataset and pre-select the fastest lap and 'Manual' allows the user to individually configure sectors within Toolbox analysis software based on a 'hot lap' for export as 'QMode file' to provide specific delta lap-time splits to improve lap-time performance, consistency in the an endurance environment or as a driver training aid.

The ICD is configured using 'Toolset' software means the user now only has one piece of software for dash, logging, control and Cosworth's IPS32 power management module. Data is analysed in Toolbox, an industry standard analysis tool packed with features, and used across Cosworth's logger and control system range.

  • Configurable display layouts
  • High brightness, configurable tri-colour RGB LEDs
  • Large capacity integrated data logger with max logging rate of 1kHz
  • Integrated 100MB/s Ethernet switch for PC Comms and Ethernet expansion
  • 2 HSD outputs with PWM control
  • 4 CAN ports each with 64 message buffers
  • 20 analogue inputs (software configurable)
  • 16 digital inputs
  • 4 CAN ports, 3 serial ports & 1 LIN Bus
  • Designed for 12 / 24 Volt systems
  • Programmable 5 or 12V Excitations
  • LDR auto brightness control
  • Black anodized rugged aluminium case
  • Offloads into Cosworth's powerful Toolbox Data Analysis Software.

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