Omega D4

Omega D4


The Omega D4 is a high performance dual colour, backlit LCD digital dash, a part of Cosworth's range of displays providing scalable, easy to use systems for all levels of motorsport.

  • Configurable Pages: Configure pit pages to display temperatures and pressures during warm-up, race pages to show speed, rpm and lap-time. Specify when to change between the two yourself.
  • Dual colour backlight: Turn the backlight red to ensure that alarms are visible to the driver and are never missed!
  • Message centre: Configure and display "sensible" and clear alarm messages to to the driver, i.e. "Low Oil Pressure".
  • Qualifying Mode (QM): Live display of performance against best lap time.
  • Configurable logging table and rates: Data logging at sample rates of up to 1kHz - configure your logging for low (for endurance event), medium (i.e. race) or high (i.e. qualifying or testing) events.
  • On board maths: Create maths channels for real-time calculations on the box.
  • GPS: Support for GPS speed and beacons.
  • Video: Support for Pi VIDS2 (Video Indexed Data System)
  • Comms: 2x CAN, 2x RS232 and 1x Ethernet communication ports.

The D4 dash logger platform can be upgraded to various levels of data logging functionality including on-boards maths, increased I/O, memory and logging rates with PRO, PLUS & ULTRA feature capability upgrade packs.

  • Comms: 2x CAN, 2x RS232 and 1x Ethernet communication ports.


Three variants of the Omega D2 are available; GPS, Basic and Advanced.

Omega D2 GPS

GPS functionality only. All analogue inputs are disabled with speed and beacon from GPS and RPM pick-up via HT connection or RPM box.

Omega D2 Basic

Receives data from direct analogue inputs and Serial (RS232) or CAN streams. Standard analogue inputs are oil temperature, oil pressure, coolant temperature, fuel pressure, throttle and steering. Digital inputs for RPM, infra-red lap beacon and 1 x wheel speed. GPS is received via serial. Analogue inputs in the expansion connector are disabled, i.e. no dampers or brake pressures.

Omega D2 Advanced

In addition to the funtionality of the D2 Basic, the D2 Advanced makes use of the analogue expansion connector and provides additional analogue inputs for 2 x brake pressures, 2 x thermocouples and 4 x damper potentiometers (14 analogue inputs in total) and a further digital input for wheel speed (2 x wheel speeds in total).

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