Omega D4 Display

Omega D4 Display


The Omega D4 is a high performance dual colour, backlit LCD digital dash, a part of Cosworth's range of displays providing scalable, easy to use systems for all levels of motorsport.

  • Configurable Pages: Configure pit pages to display temperatures and pressures during warm-up, race pages to show speed, rpm and lap-time. Specify when to change between the two yourself.
  • Dual colour backlight: Turn the backlight red to ensure that alarms are visible to the driver and are never missed!
  • Message centre: Configure and display "sensible" and clear alarm messages to to the driver, i.e. "Low Oil Pressure".
  • Qualifying Mode (QM): Live display of performance against best lap time.
  • On board maths: Create maths channels for real-time calculations on the box.
  • GPS: Support for GPS speed and beacons.
  • Video: Support for Pi VIDS2 (Video Indexed Data System)
  • Comms: 2x CAN, 2x RS232 and 1x Ethernet communication ports.
  • Configurable logging table and rates: Upgrade your D4 dash to logging functionality when needed.

The D4 dash logger platform can be upgraded to various levels of data logging functionality including on-boards maths, increased I/O, memory and logging rates with PRO, PLUS & ULTRA feature capability upgrade packs.


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