Membrane Switch Panel (MSP)

Membrane Switch Panel (MSP)


The Cosworth Membrane Switch Panel (MSP) is a fully customised membrane switch panel supporting up to 20 momentary push button switches in a variety of combinations, with an embossed outline around the edge of any button.


  • Also available as an option is an Electro Luminescent (EL) backlight. This illuminates each switch allowing the push buttons to be seen at night.
  • The open/closed state of the push buttons is transmitted over CAN at 100Hz.
  • There are 3 independently controlled LEDs to shown the status of each button.
  • The identification of each CAN packet defaults to values which are compatible with the existing Cosworth range of products including ECU's and Hyllus Power Management Unit.
  • The CAN identification addresses are stored in non-volatile memory and can be changed by using the MSP configuration menu which is available via the RS232 interface.
  • The MSP also supports 4 external digital inputs which have an internal pull-up resistor to +5V. The state of these inputs is transmitted by the MSP over CAN at 100Hz.

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