HP 9642 Membrane Panel

HP 9642 Membrane Panel

The membrane panel is a supplement to the well known Powerbox. With this product it is easier to design your racecar. The panel is equipped with 12 buttons, each button has four functions - Momentary and Toggle.

Now you have also a possibility to make 2 stages on your output, first push A next B third off, or/and  A, A+B and off. The membrane panel is supporting Can speed 500Kbit and 1Mbit.

The CAN setting in the powerbox decides the function, this means you don't need to program the panel, its simply sents out the messages on the CAN, you decide in the powerbox which function you needs.

The panel is also equipped with 12 Green " on" Led's and 12 Red "Failure Led's, indicating an on function or/and a channel failure.

Also a backlight is mounted, all buttons are then illuminated.

The Layout of the panel is open for your own layout sugestion. The text and logo is engraveable and included in the price. Also there is space for drilling in special switches (on the top).

The Backlight and Leds can be dimmed from a CAN message. 

Please note, the panel can be mounted "Vertical" or "Horizontal".

The size of the panel is 100mm x 183mm - only 11mm deep.


   HP 9642 Membrane Panel Brochure. 


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