HP 8480 Intelligent Master Switch

HP 8480 Intelligent Master Switch

The HP8480 Intelligent Master Switch is a supplement to the well known Powerbox. With this product its more simple to design your racecar.

The masterswitch has inputs for 3 buttons - 1 on and 2 off push buttons - This makes your installation much more simple.

It also has a build in system for Rain Light, it is possible to activate this without having the master switch active, just like a small powerbox.

The HP8480 is intelligent - It can meassure if your electrical system is charging or discharging your battery. When you are discharging your battery, the system can give you a warning.

All these readings are exported via CAN Bus to you logger or dash

The size of the HP8480 is 90mm x 130mm.

   HP 8480 Intelligent Master Switch Brochure. 


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