HP 8441 Powerbox

HP 8441 Powerbox


THe HP8441 is the same as the excisting HP8440 the change is thats it´s with AMP AMPseal Connectors, the Maximum current of these connectors is rated to 17A per Pin, we have 5 double pinned channels meaning you can load 34A - I practical we have tested the load to be as high as 35A per pin without problem.

HP Elektronik have made 2 more features in HP8441 compared with HP8440 it´s the following:

Output 6 & 14 has a wiper parking function, this means that the motor wil be grounded on these pins when both of them are not active, resulting the Wipermotor to break.

HP Electronik made a Ignition Input, and a fused 0.5A output, Is´s then possible to put the HP8441 on Sleep mode with a Current consumption of only some few Micro Ampere.


     Download HP8840 Powerbox Data Sheet. 


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