CAN Switch Board (CSB)

CAN Switch Board (CSB)


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The Cosworth CSB is a fully configurable CAN Switch Board designed to be light and compact enough to fit onto a steering wheel.

The CSB enables complicated steering wheel and connector looms to be reduced in wire count and complexity whilst also providing weight and cost reductions. The CSB has been developed with this in mind allowing for simple integration onto the back of any steering wheel requiring a minimum of only 4 wires.

The CSB supports up to 12 digital switch inputs, 5 analogue inputs, 5 LED outputs and also features 2 Opto-Isolated switch input/outputs. The CSB is fitted with a 16 position hex switch allowing simple switching between the 8 preset CAN identification ranges. CAN termination is provided via a solder link. The default CAN identification addresses are stored in non-volatile memory and can be changed by using the CSB configuration menu which is available via the RS232 interface.

The CSB housing has been designed to allow the CSB to be fitted onto the back of any steering wheel. The spacer has fittings for either a 3 or 6 hole boss.

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