Can Formula Wheel


The Cosworth CAN Formula Wheel (CFW) is a 277mm diameter formula wheel for use in open and closed cockpit racing cars.

The CFW277 is constructed from aerospace grade aluminium with moulded rubber grips - technology derived from Cosworth's experience in building F1 steering wheels.

The rich 320x240 QVGA 3.5" sunlight viewable TFT display is paired with 8 clearly visible shift lights, a high quality solution for a formula wheel delivering clear, precise and easy to read information to the driver.

The CFW can be connected to the car via a coily cable, and has two connectors chosen to help keep loom prices cost effective.

One connector carries switches and power, the other enables expansion to a paddleshift system. The wheel has been designed to accept industry standard paddles including Cosworth, Shiftec and Hewland as standard but others may be compatibile.

6 permanently fitted switches are ergonomically positioned for driver comfort and practicality all 6 switches are CAN based, two also being passed through the system connector for uses such as a radio button.

The wheel design also offers the option to have two rotary switches fitted, including a professional sticker pack to allow the end user to easily mark the wheel up to their own specifications maintaining a sharp, F1-style visual attraction.

Designed to be electrically robust, the CFW277 has reverse-battery, over-voltage and load dump protection built in.

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