Team Race Art Assen 19/20-10-2013

Team Race Art Assen 19/20-10-2013

Team Race Art Assen 19/20-10-2013

Roger Grouwels with the by KMS Racing Engines built V8 engine and a Bosch Motorsport 2.9 ECU , has finished 9th overall in the first race in the Supercar Challenge powered by Dunlop during the race event at Assen October 2013. After driving in thirth place with a good chance for second, a broken fuse forced the Corvette C5R in to the pitbox for an extra pitstop.

The second race team Raceart driver Roger Grouwels was in second place, battling for first with Zumbrink. Having a battle for first place with Zumbrink, Roger Grouwels ended in the gravel and dnf.


Final leaderboard after 16 races

1 Jim & Glynn Geddie                250 

2 Jan Versluis                             230

3 Henry Zumbrink                       226     

4 Roger Grouwels                      213

5 Martin Lanting / Bob Herber  208

6 Peter Hoevenaars                  156

7 Barry Maessen                          88

8 Peter Versluis                            54

9 Berry van Elk                              43

10 Jan Storm                                 30


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